The Lion, The Annie & The Wardrobe

Nobody or thing has mastered product placement quite like 90210 and Dr. Pepper.  Why be subtle (a la Project Runway) when you can beat your viewers over the head?  I can understand, and even on some level, appreciate, the flagrant use of the 23-flavored refreshing soda, but can we please make it believable?  Everyone knows that Annie and Silver would never be caught dead with their lips perched atop a regular Doctor Pepper.  No, no, they would select the newest Pepper product – Diet Dr. Pepper with a kiss of cherry.  Only the newest and trendiest for our West Beverly friends.

This morning my inbox was tickled to receive an article from my cohort detailing the discovery of Dr. Pepper’s original recipe.  Thus led us to a discussion of what the future holds for our beloved Annie Wilson…  the below plotline hinges vitally on the return of Tabitha (the bewitching Jessica Walters).


Annie and Tabitha spend some crucial grandmother-grandnuisance bonding time antiquing following Tabby’s triumphant return from China (oops, that’s the masterful actress Tori Spelling’s plot) Broadway.  The duo discover a magical wardrobe full of delights.  Annie decides to squeeze her waiflike body (and disgrossting extensions) into the armoire to unearth more treasures.  She finds the ancient recipe book, which she hands to Tabitha for safekeeping.  She continues to travel further and further into the wardrobe, but unlike the Lion & Witch variety, instead of ending in the enchanting land of Narnia, this wardrobe ends in a cliff, which Annie sadly falls off of.  Distraught, Tabitha seeks solace in some magical herbs and uses the Dr. Pepper recipe for rolling papers.


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