Does Annie Wilson really smell?

Probably not. Well, I take that back. I mean, everyone has some sort of smell don’t they? But in the negative connotation of “[PERSON”S NAME] smells,” we cannot confirm nor deny this claim.

Why is the site called “anniewilsonsmells”?

It has a nice ring to it. Plus, the other options of “anniewilsonmustdie” (an homage to John Tucker Must Die, since nobody pays homage to that movie…mainly b/c it is not very good I guess) and “anniedieseveryday” seemed a bit too ominous and negative. So we went with the third grade approach of just saying she smells. Plus, we don’t want her to die per se, as we wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. We would just like her character to die somehow (even painlessly) or perhaps just be replaced by someone less annoying. A good place to start might be Punky Brewster’s Soleil Moon Frye.

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